Valorant This is the competitive Latin America for 2022

The esports of Valorant in Latin America will adopt a format of regional competences, known as Challengers leagues. They will be tournaments in the northern and southern hemispheres, together with the six best teams in a career by the Masters.

The structure is similar to the one we share in this publication. There will be two competitive stages with Challengers Leagues each. In the first phase, Infinity, Six Karma, GRU ESPORTS and Leviathan Esports (Before Austral’s) will have direct invitation in the corresponding leagues. They will be added the four best northern equipment and the four best in the south, which classified from an open circuit, in a contest at the best of three. The format is all against all, with a play-in phase among the best four of each hemisphere (eight in total) for a place in Challengers Playoffs. The Global Top 4 will have face-to-face days to meet the great champion that will travel to another country by the Masters.

The second phase is similar, but with a weight adjustment: the four best in the previous semester have an insured ticket. There will only be four quotas for the open qualifiers of each hemisphere, that is, two in the north and two in the south. Those who can not enter the Challengers leagues will be able to dispute tender events to gain experience and prizes.

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Valorant will start your Challengers League season on February 10. The North will carry out its days on Thursday and Friday; The south will do it on Saturday and Sunday.

About prizes, the bag of money for 2022 will increase from $120,000 USD to $160,000 USD for Latin America. It will be distributed equally by leagues, targeting $80,000 USD for each. The Last Chance Qualifier tournament is still standing, where one last squad can go to the champions of the 2022 season. The great change is that both the north and the south will have the same number of representatives.

There will be no other equipment for the Champions : There can only be up to two Latin American sets in the race by the trophy.

After closing the year with another champion, Latin America will support third-party tournaments and by Riot Games from October to December. On open qualifiers, they will start on January 17 in a format at the best of three in the first round. From a certain stage, it will be played with double elimination to define the classifieds to the Challengers leagues. On inscriptions, follow this link.