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The Sachsenderby between AUE and Dresden was decided by the hit by Ransford-Yeboah Königsdörffer in favor of the SGD. The 20-year-old stepped according to the important away win on the microphone of the MDR and realized that he has in one-counter-one with Gatekeeper Martin Mann not to baked and the ball just with the pike by the legs of the Goalkeepers shot. Under the line, the young attacker saw a deserved victory. We are happy, and the fans are looking forward to home.

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There were some brave situations for us.

Alexander Schmidt

Dynamo Coach Alexander Schmidt sees in Königsdörffer a young and talented player who will surely make worse games again. But that’s just part of it. In general, the 53-year-old found the appearance of his team under the stroke too wild and open. There were some frenzy situations for us, which lay on the unexpected basic formation of the violets, which banned a triple chain. Both teams were noted, especially at the beginning that there is a lot on the game, the coach summarizes the first passage in the subsequent press conference.

In the second half we had more structure and possession, was the conclusion of the coach over the improved occurrence in the second passage. He also found praising words for the violets that have lost everything with many two-fighting. We have set the decisive punch by Königsdörffer and are very relieved.

With the derby victory, after six away defeats, dynamo was able to retract a threesome from a foreign setting in a row and develop a small upholstery to the descent ranks. Next week is the next guest performance in Ingolstadt on the program on Saturday at 13.30 clock.