Valorant Riot advanced the possible arrival of a very expected game mode

Valorant is immersed in one of the best stages of its history and Riot Games wants to take advantage of the situation to demonstrate that there are reasons to continue attentive to your tactical shooter. To the announcements that the developers have carried out to confirm the continuity and the changes in the competitive system of the title, what seems to be the evening confirmation that one of the game modes will be added soon to be waiting since the launch.

VALORANT Gameplay (PC HD) [1080p60FPS]
Valorant could have his own Clash mode very soon

The developers had promised to adapt at some point the competitive experience of League of League of Tactical Shooter. In the MOB, this game mode consists of the celebration of misery tournaments organized on the customer itself who face pre-constructed five-player teams to other groups with a patient skill level to offer an experience as close as possible to The competitive game. Thus, teams can get interesting rewards that reward their performance in these competitions.

The inclusion of this modality in 2022 seems confirmed after one of the maximum responsible for the title ensure that a new feature will come that will take the competitive experience to another level. A novelty that will make us Brill as players and win as a team to Experiment the game as professionals through the -equipment and competition beyond the rank system. Descriptions that point to this adaptation of the Clash format and on which they will give more details soon.

To this pending confirmation improvement, other additions have been added that will come to Valorant soon. Among them, they wanted to highlight the inclusion of a calendar of competitive events in the gaming client, the improvement of retransmissions and observer tools or new ways to show our support for equipment during the items. In short, many novelties destined to merge the competitive facet and the most casual game.