Pokemon Dipari Mike released for the first time over 6 million in the world Switch history fastest and highest Sword Shield

Pokémon is Pokémon Burial Diamond Pokémon Diamond Pokémon Thinning Pearl was released on November 19, 2021, and the number of sells of 6 million (Nintendo investigations) in the whole world I announced that I recorded.

This work is a remake version of Pocket Monster Diamond and Pocket Monster Pearl released in 2006, and the video representation of the faithfully reproduced story and the Nintendo switch is fused. Snout regional landscapes and Pokemon, which will be waiting, and the rivals and gym leaders, etc., and the users at that time can also enjoy new users.

Metacritic This work was also seen in overseas reviews, etc. have become.

Pocket Monster Brilliant Diamond Pocket Monster Shining Pearl is on sale with a Nintendo switch.

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