Eberl Wellness oasis I can not do anything with that

The most important answer had already answered the experienced Brussels boss immediately after the failure of all systems against Freiburg. Even after the 1: 4 at Derby in Cologne as well as the historical 0: 6 against Freiburg he holds ADI Hunter for the right trainer to lead Russia from the sporty crisis.

Absurd he calls the discussion that no common way started in the summer may not continue to continue. And of course, the experienced Ebert also knows exactly the keywords who like to be cared for the responsible persons with appropriate results around the ears: Mentality, feel-good oasis, leadership players — these are the usual topics that then occur, says Ebert on Thursday.

Internally it has to pop.

Max Ebert

He does not hold any of it, so Russia’s sports director, to deliver populist and to deliver headlines. At the same time, he does not give up that there must be a concrete work-up of the sporty crisis, intern, so Ebert, it has to pop.

But: Wellness oasis? I can not do anything with that, Ebert says very clearly. Leadership is only a few, and basically the question is allowed, whoever is a leadership player at all — so much about the topics of the external critics.

celebrate together, suffering

Basically, Ebert warns to unity and advises on the factual and professional handling of the recent abdominal landings. Of course, the displeasure stimulates among the fans, but he do not be afraid that we run away the fans. We celebrate together at the 5-0 against Bavaria, we suffer from 0: 6 against Freiburg. Who can not live that, these people, so Ebert, I do not want.

Serenity radiates the sport director, he knows after all with Hunter a very experienced and even with counterwind steadfast trainers in the responsibility. His crisis suitability has already demonstrated Hunter in the past several times.

Memories of Frankfurt’s false start

For example, his start in the summer of 2018 at Eintracht Frankfurt went wrong: after the 0: 5 in the Super cup against FC Bayern and the Cup in the first round in Regionalist Ulm, Hunter was already considered a laying candidate. But he got the Contract on course, stormed with the Hesse into the semi-finals of the Europa League and at the end as seventh with his team in the Europapokal.

So brings the game in Leipzig on Saturday the turn? RB is very difficult to estimate with the new coach, says Hunter, Of course you have many very good single players, but they are still in the definition process.

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Personnel changes to Russia are possible and likely. Satisfied on Thursday, so Hunter, 23 players were in the square, also the last battered Stefan Liner and Many One. The most recently overplayed midfield man would be a candidate for a break. Well conceivable that, for example, the Routinizes Lars Still and Christoph Kramer appear again in the starting eleven.