Why Aranguiz is frustrated and think about farewell

Leaves Charles Tranquil Bayer 04 Leverkusen already in the summer and thus a contract dated a year before the end of his until June 2023? In an interview with the Chilean newspaper Las Ultimate Notices, the Chilean national player has very clearly expressed this idea.

Tranquil: So I will rethink the question of my contract again

With the indication that its two conveyors, the former sports director Jonas Bold (moved in 2019 to HSV) and Managing Director Audi Roller (will be missing from July 2022 club ambassador) in day-to-day business as caregivers, the Tranquil playing for Leverkusen since 2015 declared : So I will rethink the question of my contract again.

The reaction of the club is more reserved. That he may be a bit dissatisfied and frustrated over the last time he had a lot of fighting with injuries, I can also understand, SportDirector Simon Roles explained shortly before the departure to the Europa League game at Ferencvaros Budapest (Thursday, 9 pm, live! At Director Rudi) I do not want to hang that too high.

This also applies that Tranquil does not make a HEL from that he has joined Brazil, where he played before joining Bayer 04 for International Porto Alegre, as the next destination in his career. A solid decision or at least far advanced considerations of Tranquil to change in summer, Roles does not derive from the player’s words.

Roles: The last few weeks and months were of course not optimal for him

That he always has Brazil in his head, that was already like that two years ago, explains the sports director with a view to the then contract negotiations, but admits: The last few weeks and months were of course not optimal for him. In fact, unlike in the years before, when he had returned to the starting day after injuries, Tranquil was last used twice as Joker twice.

Another background, why Tranquil is truncated: Before the country break in November, the then still on a muscle tendon injury in the Wade-Laboratory midfielder internal a clear announcement that he does not have the World Cup qualifiers to South America despite the requirement by the Chilean Association Travel should.

Although Bayer 04 had no means of pressing the haunting desire, the 32-year-old eventually added and remained in Germany. But this very stringent announcement is the six, who was also not ready mad after the country break in the Bundesliga game against VFL Bochum (1: 0) as well as in the Europa League against Celtic Glasgow (3: 2), apparently angry.

That Tranquil now held in Chile publicly the former sports director Jonas Bold and the managing director Audi Roller in the summer, so that Roles led the unpleasant conversation with Tranquil at the beginning of November.

At Bayer, you do not want to put its statements on the gold scale. Rather, one hopes that the mood situation changes in the national player when it is again atoned and can lead regularly.

Tranquil currently only one of four or five strong sites

For him, it is important that he comes in the next games, that he — and we wish to give him — again the form from the 2019/2020 season, says Roles, when he was a very important player for us
Was. At that time Tranquil was considered irreplaceable. Currently, he is only one of four or five more or less equal strong sixes in the squad.

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The last word about the future of the defensive midfield player should not be spoken yet. Who knows how to comprehend South American professionals in general and Tranquil in particular as a rule in the media, knows the push of strategists: namely as a clear statement.