Halo Infinite temporarily closes its subreddit for the high toxicity of players

It is the week of Halo Infinite. The full game arrives in a couple of days to PC and the Xbox consoles, but its multiplayer takes a few weeks available for free, offering players a solid experience only tarnished by a progression system that is receiving numerous adjustments to criticism.

However, all multiplayer title attracts people who, beyond enjoying a healthy way, are made video games too seriously and cross lines that should not be crossed before something aimed at our entertainment. So much so, during this past weekend, it has had to close Halo Subreddit infinite by the high toxicity to which users were arriving.

Moderators published a message in which they invited them to take the free weekend, because it was impossible to maintain civilized discussions, regardless of the different opinions. Some users have profuse even death threats, as well as criticism that have nothing to do with elements of the game.

Halo Reddit SHUT DOWN After 343 Responds to Halo Infinite Backlash.
This is a video game and such a hate level is unjustified moderators of the Subreddit We will block access to the forum temporarily so that people can be argued, and we can restart it before the launch. After all, this is a video game And such a level of hatred is unjustified, they comment on a message that they have shared those responsible. This same Monday It is again operative, so you will have to see which atmosphere breathes after this time to calm the waters.

The entire title, with the included campaign, is put on sale the next December 8 on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, being able to enjoy from the first day with a subscription to Xbox Game Pass. In our analysis of Halo Infinite, we confirm that it is the jute of nostalgia we needed, but also a great shooter by itself.

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