Let s Sing 2022 in the test crooked and laughed a lot

Every year appears a new part of Let’s Sing In Let’s Sing 2022 (buy now €29.14). with German hits its like in the previous parts of the series. Means that we sing karaoke. After selecting his song, to get directly to the main screen of the game.

Briefly angesungen the microphone — yes, you have to sing, so that the microphone connects to the game — and you can already start the song.

The rating system is known from the previous parts and virtually any karaoke game: cross running across the screen bars indicating the pitch. Among these beams are located just sung syllables.

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  1. 1Magere song selection
  2. 2Nette modes Collection
  3. 3Richtiges micro or mobile phone in front of your face?
  4. 4Mikrofon- and tone errors

Let’s Sing  2022 - Teaser Trailer | gamescom 2021

Through a point one is displayed whether you have achieved perfect pitch or whether one has gone above it or below. If you hit the notes perfectly, you will be rewarded with points and a positive comment.

Lean song selection

In addition to the German songs, there are also a selection of international hits. So you can also try to Billie Eilish and her extraordinary pieces here. Source: Koch Media Overall, one can choose from 35 pieces. The German stars are represented, among others, with Speed Max Gaining and Sarah Lombardi. But there are also international hits that up on the radio and played down. Billie Eilish about Ava Max to Nathan Evens the list ranges.

Who does not feel comfortable with the more recent songs such can than still on the Backstreet Boys or Wham! Draw, here it is not very much choice.

In part, it also does not give the songs in the original, but as remixes. That does not make singing any easier. Also, there are no adjustable difficulty levels for the pieces. But every song has a rating from 1 to 5 stars, indicating the difficulty.

35 songs are a bit thin, via DLC but the track list can be extended. That is in itself generally suboptimal for a pay game and much more is not offered here. The three available at launch LCS packages include five additional songs each, each package costs five euros.

Cute modes Collection

With songs like Everybody by the Backstreet Boys you can immerse yourself in the past. Source: Koch Media Let’s Sing offers different modes that can be played. This includes a campaign called legends. Here you can get songs served with different tasks. These tasks have to logically meet to get to the next challenge. Every few levels there is a Boss song against — not particularly good — AI, you must defeat by reaching more points.

The campaign must be the only mode you deny yourself. In the other modes can also bawl each other. Here you can also choose between simultaneous and alternate singing.

Also, a mixtape can be created, where you store their favorite music and can sing, among others, as a medley. In addition to cooperative chanting can also compete against each other. There’s a turn-based mode.

These rounds each offer different challenges — which is of course always comes to sing properly as possible. For example, the text disappears at random, which makes it no easier to sing. These challenges increase the fun enormous, especially if all do not know the exact text.

In the campaign, and through diligent collecting experience points by joyful melodies obtained cosmetic items for the avatar. One can choose between four characters, which are already known from the previous parts. Unfortunately tinker a figure is not an option.

Correct micro or mobile phone in front of your face?

Of course, you can the game in solo mode, play to practice the songs and to improve his singing skills. Source: Koch Media The most fun is the self-the-soul-from-the-body-screaming, of course, with microphone. Two pieces are titled in the physical version. They are decorated quite simple, simply plug into the USB port of PC or console and pure singing into the upper end — easy.

But who do not want to use the microphones or the game has bought digital, still has the opportunity to use an available in various mobile app stores. Once you have the app on the phone, you can enter a code that is a display on the screen and use the smartphone as a microphone.

Which version one likes everyone must decide for themselves. A big difference does not make it. But it looks natural chic to stick a microphone to his face as a cell phone across her mouth.

microphones and sound errors

In the background is the matching music video. Sometimes you have to watch that video does not distract, but they are visually definitely exciting. Source: Koch Media No matter how happy you sing, there are aspects that one ruin your fun. About a sound bug that repeats itself each time you select a song. Once you have decided on a title and this has been selected, you will hear an incredibly unpleasant tone that sounds as if the game had a awful mistake and would just hang up.

But it does not, it sounds just like that. Since it revs up the volume with a title of this kind logically tidy, the sound is of course accordingly loud and unpleasant.

A second shortcoming relates to the sound recognition. Sometimes the voice is not recognized. Loud singing helps sometimes, but not always, moreover, it is obviously tiring of having to shout. This error will cost a repeatedly points without that one has done something wrong.

All in all a solid performance Still makes the game fun, especially when you sing along with friends. The different modes offer enough variety and the high score hunting ensures mood. The cosmetic upgrades, however, are quite nice, but they wear neither too positive nor a negative contribution to feel.

Let’s Sing 2022 is available since 23 November 2021 PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One.

Note: For this test, we have resorted to manufacturers shots. But the game looks unsurprisingly just AUS.

My opinion

Rebecca Herrmann

Good for a game night with friends

I made the game fun while testing. We sang us here in the newsroom through the various game modes, of course, with a healthy dose of competition. The modes have partly caused a lot of laughter, especially with songs in which one is not well versed. The selection of songs I find a little weak, but that’s a matter of taste. At Last Christmas I wanted to flee like — I’ve got it but then pulled brave. 35 pieces as a basis are but either way a bit thin — and how to sing a remix reasonable, one must also show me. Really frustrating I find the errors in the voice recognition, especially when you are on high score hunting. A little hint: You can also get points if you laugh in the correct pitch! Or humming. Or whistles. Have fun experimenting!

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In addition to the German songs, there are also a selection of international hits. So you can also try to Billie Eilish and her extraordinary pieces here. [Source: Koch Media]

By Rebecca Herrmann
& Lukas Schmidt
Editorial manager
12.04.2021 at 13:00