Rainbow Six Siege Atheris Esports Waiting for your Nemesis of the Year

Others Esports is one of the most recognized squads in Mexico, especially at Rainbow Six Siege. Only in 2021, he fought the 1st place in the table of positions of the Mexican Championship. His rival was another mythical beast: Felix Esports, who was his companion in the three Elite Six Cup.

Novys - Atheris Rainbow Six 2021
Before even thinking about the best of five, snakes must beat Six Karma. The newcomer to the competitive scene opened with some of the challenges he had to face. But now it is time to learn more about 2021 at OTHERS ESPORTS.

The organization of Alejandro Alk4pon3 Lava was renovated with Brazilian players for this season. Daniel Novas Navy, Lucca MAKING sew and Victor Versa Hugo joined Christopher Sky Espinosa and Luis Guido Gómez With an international goal. But before the championships, there is adaptation. Something that Guido commented on being a slow process: It has been quite difficult to adapt and do yourself from all of us.

They [Brazilians] have a pretty different game mode. They came with different ideas, with more aggressive proposals; everything was different when we started, he shared. At the end of the day, they managed to adapt and find their adequate communication: they speak a same language both inside and out of play.

On the Brazilian side, Novas was aware of the weight that the flag of his country brings. It is currently the region with more championships between its equipment, increasing the expectations of the signings. But, as well as Guido and Sky, they had to learn, the same thing happened with the trio of the foreigner. Its contributions were not limited to strategies, also that the Mexican league had a better development.

Six Karma is an Underdog against Others Esports. He does not mean something bad, in fact, he can open the door to an upset to have a different end to which many expect. On the stage of having to deal with a comeback, Guido comments that The team is already aware of what is to play under pressure. At the end of the day, it is a group that has already touched three Elite Six Cups: there is aware of how to cope with a bad streak and capitalize after some lost rounds. We have never fallen at all, he said.

I do not think there is a rival boy: they are all pretty good, we are not confident before none, [but yes] we are preparing for all, he elaborated on the subject of underdog.

As for the great ending, Novas shared that he would like to face Phoenix Esports for the issue of rivalry.

Others ESPORTS and SIX KARMA will play the semifinals on December 5 at point from 2:00 p.m. MX / 15:00 CO / 17:00 AR / 21:00 is.