Jiri Pavlenka Honestly I do not know what s coming

For four years he had been Welder’s undisputed Stem keeper in the Bundesliga. But at the beginning of the current second division season, Jeri Pollen first found himself on the bank.

Competitor Michael Letterer, who had represented him in the summer preparation due to persistent back problems (Pavlenska could not move not, who do not move ), got the preference from Markus beginning, the now former Bremen coach. Only after the 11th match day, this should change his mind again, the experience of the Czech has spoken for a change, the ex-coach founded at the time.

Not in top form yet

Since then, the now completely painless Pavlenska is the number one again at Welder. The time on the bench was not easy for him; When he returned to the gate, he had been nervous for the first time for a long time. Four times he stood again for Welder in the square. To zero did not play a 29-year-old yet, says he has not shown his top form again: I know that.

Jiří Pavlenka - 2017 | On My Way | SV Werder Bremen

How often he will even have the opportunity in Bremen, is more questionable than ever. Galena’s contract runs out at the end of the season. It is no secret that the 14-color Czech National keeper was already a candidate for a change in the summer — if his injury would not have been so tedious. However, Welder would have been able to drive a transfer at this time, to which the financially struck club would certainly renounce only reluctantly during a disposal.

Maybe there are again contracts

Stand now would only be a transfer proceeds to realize in the winter transfer period. Excluded does not seem to be such a possibility, especially as Galena asserts to focus only on the last three games until the winter break. On a possible change after the round, he also replied on Wednesday: I have to see that. Honestly, I do not know what’s coming. Anyway, his contract extension in Bremen had not been an issue for some time, the keeper reported: Maybe it’s time to talk about it in January.

A first exchange for further cooperation from 2022 had already taken place in the past summer. However, the talks had meanwhile been stopped due to Galena Reservists. He wanted to raise a perspective in Bremen, it was said according to Welder’s head professional football Clemens Fritz. With his return to the gate, this has meanwhile improved.

But the perspective 2. League, from which one has to go out in the next season at the table fever, apparently not sufficient. We were very happy in Bremen, said Galena, mindfully in past form, now that’s a bit harder after the descent. Another year in the 2nd league, as honest he could be, I can not imagine. I hope we will rise and get everything in Bremen again. With or without Galena?