Fortnite That s how the party worlds are novelty of creative

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Epic Games hGames presented the party worlds in Fortnite : new social spaces of the creative mode of the game that allow us to have a good time for both our friends and other players. We tell you what exactly these new creative maps of the seGameson 8 of battle pGamess of Fortnite chapter 2 :

Fortnite: That’s how the new party worlds are creatively

Through a publication in Fortnite’s official blog, Epic Games announced the new party worlds on 11/30/2021. According to them, they are experiences have been designed to be meeting points where players can stay, play fun mini-games and make friends. A couple of examples would be these two:

World of Walnut, Five walnut : Island Code 9705-9549-4193.

Night Lounge, Death : Island Code 8868-0043-1912.

What differentiates the party worlds of the creative plants is the fact that, although in the plants the players can also meet, their main objective is to help players find islands and fun content. The party worlds are places created so that players can stay and have fun. It is a space where you can go to relax and have fun with mini-games. They are different from the plants, since they do not link to other islands, so they do not serve to discover other experiences.

In other words, the party worlds are unique and individual worlds not linked to other maps that on their own makeup experiences and social spaces.

Of course, any player can create his own party world using the very complete editor of Fortnite’s creative way, Games long Games he is submitted to the following guidelines:

Fiesta worlds should not be threatening, so can not focus on combats or inflicting damage.
The party worlds should focus on encouraging forms of expression by gestures, graffiti, costume changes or other mechanics.
The party worlds should encourage social interaction and allow players to make new friends with whom to form team or find new ways of relating to their friends.