Eva 01 cosplay is so real that you will want to get on the robot

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The world of cosplayer is one in constant evolution. Members of this group always demonstrate a great passion at the time of recreating some of the most famous characters in the world of anime and video games. Now, On this occasion a cosplayer known as Mao lo managed to recreate the iconic mechaeva-01 in the most real way possible.


Mao lo is someone who for years has been in charge of highlighting in an ocean of Was and Asia. In this way, the most recent work of Him manages to give life to the Eva-01 unit in a way that seems to rival the best figures we can find today in the market.

Almost all the unit is made of foam pieces that have been individually wrapped in synthetic leather of color, which unlike painted pieces, can be seen much smoother and more metallic. This is a technique that has been used for years in the Takamatsu series, such as Power Rangers.

On related topics, this was the original design of REI for the anime. Similarly, this would see a collaboration between Evangelist and Metro id.

Editor’s note:

This is a great job. Very few people decide to make a cosplayer of a wick, due to how complicated it is to move, but Mao lo has managed to find a fairly simple way to solve this problem, something that will surely be used by other people.