Pok mon Go starts tomorrow season of the origin trainer suspect release of Arceus

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and also Pokémon Beaming Pearl are 2021 remakes of the 2006 Nintendo DS role-playing computer game Pokémon Ruby and also Pearl. The games become part of the 8th generation of the Pokémon computer game collection and were developed by INCA and also published by Nintendo as well as The Pokémon Business for the Nintendo Switch. The games were launched on 19 November 2021. They were introduced as part of the Pokémon 25th Wedding anniversary event, along with Pokémon Legends: Areas. They are the initial primary Pokémon video games not to be developed by Game Freak. Furthermore, they received positive testimonials from critics.

Pokemon Go starts tomorrow, on 01 December 2021, a new season, which should deal with the past and origin. In the social networks, the coaches often speculate about the contents of this season. We from Mango have viewed us on which monsters they hope and explain why.

What kind of season is? In Pokémon GO there are various Seasons, which are called seasons and usually extend over 3 months. At the last, the season of the Schabernback, everything turned around the mysterious Pokémon Hoop.

However, this season ends tomorrow, on 01. December 2021, and is replaced by a new one. So far, not much is known for the new season. However, on the official Twitter account there were first clues.

The new Season is therefore season of the origin and should deal with the past. So in the article to read: In the next Pokémon Go season we will look for answers in the past, which will lead us to the future of Pokémon Go! Join us, at our Pokémon Go adventure in the season of the origin!

What suspects the community behind the season of the origin ?

The Twitter article by Pokémon Go ensured a lot of conversation and speculation at the community. This is above all because not much known for the new season.

But even with the little information, some coaches are sure of what you can look forward to in the coming months.

Release of Areas and Monsters of the His region

One of the most likely suspected monsters is the mysterious Pokémon Areas. The coaches have been in Pokémon Go for a very long time, but so far had no release.

Above all, the video, which is integrated in the Twitter article, connect some coaches with the so-called His region, which corresponds to today’s Sin tho region. The new game Pokémon Legends: Areas plays in this said region and also the volcano on his cover picture matches the mountain in the video.

Chelsea writes: Could this be indicated on an Areas special research? It would really surprise me if that would happen because Areas is the obvious candidate for ex-raids (which come back with security). Maybe you could do both. It would be a pity just to get an Areas, because it is definitely a Pokémon, which requires most of the shape changes. (via reddit.com).

SpaceSage37 is also convinced that it is legends: Areas and writes: The artwork and the name sound after the release of Legends Areas. I press the thumbs for at least an alternative form. (via reddit.com).

This raid invitation ???? Totally surprise me ???? | Unbelievable moment in pokemon go.
The Reddit User Meatwad390 is also safe: It looks like legends Areas is definitely involved in this season based on the font and the sentence you have given. It would not surprise me if we get Hisuan-Pokemon and shape transformer Pokémon. (via reddit.com).

In addition, Meatwad390 wishes the legendary Pokémon Garden, which is also not in the game. Which sweet monsters the His region still holds for you, we will show you in the following post:

Is a debut of Areas realistic?

Thematically, it would fit outstanding in the new season, because Areas is also referred to as creator Pokémon, which should create the Pokémon world. In the films of Pokémon it is also associated with Polka and Diana, both of which are already catching in Pokémon Go.

In addition, Areas is a shape transducer and can take all 18 types. Since Ni antic has recently been able to change the form of a monster in the game, this feature would basically be possible at Areas.

And also the release of the new game Pokémon Legends: Areas, which is to be published on January 28, 2022, for the Nintendo Switch, could speak for an Areas debut in Pokémon Go. That would not be the first time that Ni antic is oriented with the events in the game on the publication of new films or games of the Pokémon series.

Other assumptions about the season of the origin

But next to a debut of Areas there are other assumptions in the Reddit and Twitter community. So some coaches, like Quvadesgaming, convinces that the video is typical places in Photo.

Round writes on Twitter: It would be nice if you would make a Photo tour, just as you made a canto tour at the beginning of the year. With a publication of all Shiny by Photo. (Via Twitter.com).
On Reddit, Arcticvulpix explains: These are Mountain Silver and the tower, so probably Photo (via reddit.com).
And also mylife212 assigns the tower from the video of the Photo region: I also see the bell tower next to it, maybe a Photo / Legends Areas Thematic Season? (via reddit.com)
The Reddit User Thisguysgaming also points out that for the Go-Kampfliga in January a Sinnoh-Cup and in February a Photo Cup were announced (via reddit.com). The PVP battles usually are guided thematically on the events of the game.

Whether there is a debut with Areas or the season focuses on the Photo region, remains to be seen. As soon as Ni antic publishes more detailed information, you will learn from us on Mango.

What do you think about what is behind the season of the origin? Hope you hope for a release of Areas or do you even find the Photo region more interesting? Write us your opinion and experience here on Mango in the comments and exchanges you with other coaches.

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