With an announcement Star Citizen cracks the next crass crowdfunding

The sequential checklist of very first person shooting video games lists the first-person capturing computer game (FPS) arranged by chronological order.

Only a few days ago, we reported that Cloud Imperial Games should grow noticeably for the next year’s development of Star Citizen. Of 1,000 new employees in five years is the speech. Of course, the current crowdfunding booth of 397 million US dollars was also a topic. We were sure: The magical brand of 400 million US dollars will fall this year.

Well, we did not even have to wait until December 2021. Before the last weekend, the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (IAE), a kind of digital car show for spaceships, started, and this event rinsed the missing (and more) million in the cash registers of Cloud Empire in no time. Currently, the funding counter is $403 million, with 3,366,138 supporters have made their contribution. By the way, this makes average $120 per star citizen.

Star Citizen now play for free!

In the course of the current event, your Star Citizen can try it for free (i.e. without the purchase of a supporter package). Just create an account for Roberts Space Industries, download the client and sets off. All information can be found on the official website of Star Citizen. The free-play option ends on December 1st at 20:00 (UTC), so at 21:00 of our time.

However, does not ask when you can expect Squadron 42 with the final version of Star Citizen or the Launch of Single-player Decoupling Squadron. Already last year Chris Roberts, his sign head of CIG, was announced, that is no longer spoken about release plans. The games are ready when you’re done. And with a view to the above-mentioned plans for the studio, a few years could pass until then.

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