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Stefan Koch belongs to basketball games to the well-known commentator votes of magenta sport. As a coach, he celebrated successes in the BBL, including the skylines Frankfurt, Given 46ers and Art land Dragons. Now he expresses himself against the important game against the Poles.

Germany loses in the World Cup Quasi against Estonia at 66:69, how could that happen, and what were the causes for that?

This is of course a disappointing result based on a correspondingly weak performance that could not be foreseen in the form. If you look for the reasons, you can look out for the installation: no NBA players, no Euro league players. Next year, there will be a European Championship in Germany, and it may well be that in this squad no player will be there, which has now played against Estonia. Nonetheless, I believe, this team could have gained the game. Estonia is supposed to be the worst participant of this preliminary round group D. The problems of the German team were to defend the three-point litter and offensively found very little movement — both ball movement and player movement. I would first and foreign the causes.

It all presented differently

Stefan Koch

You can say it is a huge false start — that coach Gordon Herbert certainly imagined very differently or?

Everyone has imagined otherwise — but it’s a game of six preliminary matches. This defeat can still be corrected. You can certainly talk about a wrong start. How far you have to classify the now as a light or violent false start, that’s certainly a matter of opinion and taste. The fact is: even if you correct that, the first three continue in the group and the preliminary round results will be taken. That makes this defeat even unpleasant.

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is already in front of the second game of pressure at the German national team, necessarily to win?

It is quite clear: it has built up pressure, but not only in the German national team, but also with the Poles, who have also lost their first game against Israel. Now the German team has to work on their weaknesses, because there will be no personnel changes, no new players, said coach Gordon Herbert. The German team must be working primarily that the ball is better moved in the offensive. It was all very, very static, maybe through the tension in the first game. There must be a mental looseness and the load must be distributed in the attack on multiple shoulders, because the German offensive and their options are currently being credited.

Gordon Herbert had only two days to work on the weaknesses. Too short?

Of course, the time is extremely limited. If you look at the result and statistics from the Estonia game, you have to say: In the attack, more needs to happen. The bad throwing quotas have a cause — and that was the missing ball movement. The team must work on that.

No NBA players and the same evening play Alba Berlin and Bayern Munich in the Euro league. In football unthinkable. Does the basketball have to get used to it?

This is not a new situation, and you got used to it. It’s something we already know in basketball. In basketball, we have a conflict between the FIFA and the Pleb and who pays that determines which music is played. The players are not paid by the association but by the clubs and the Euro league is now a considerable business company. And of course you can say, there must be an agreement, that would be happy. But it is super difficult. Alba Berlin and Bayern Munich play in parallel in two 181 people, the Euro league and Bbl with extreme stress. This is not comparable to the Champions League in football — and a royal path, how to solve this problem, is not recognizable to me.

The goal of fetching a medal at a large tournament — how realistic is that?

When Germany at the EM with the best squad, from the currently seven NBA players, would probably be six or even seven in the squad in my desired team, the rest would be Euro league player. Then you have a team that has medal quality, but you are not the only one. There are other nations (Serbia, France), which are similarly well positioned and in a pool of half a dozen teams that can win a medal. But it would be feasible for Germany. Among other things, we have a Dennis Schröder, a Franz Wagner, who is currently trading as the fourth rookie in the NBA at the Orlando Magic, Paul Zipper, when he will be fit again — then you have a very, very high quality.

With your wish team, how far is the German team at the home em?

I believe that the German team comes at least in the quarterfinals, has semi-final potential.

As a magenta’s commentator and connoisseurs of the scene, you have already seen and experienced a lot. Is there preparing for a game, like that of the national team, something that she pleases personally?

In the preparation rather not, that’s work. This is office work. Sitting at the desk, check statistics and read in the vita of the player. In the hall I am pleased to meet old acquaintances, players or coach colleagues. But above all, I’m glad if I see a good game. Then the work of the commentator just fun is fun.