Darkest Dungeon 2 in the test The even darker darkest dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is a function video clip game developed by Red Hook Studios and also released by Merge Games. The game was introduced for the initial time for Microsoft Windows and OS X in January 2016, which followed a period of early 1 year gain access to advancement. Later that year, it was released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and also Linux, with ports for IOS launched in 2017, as well as Nintendo Switch Over as well as Xbox One for 2018.
Darkest Dungeon makes the player administer a list of heroes to discover dungeons under a Gothic estate that the player has actually inherited. Played in a real-time blending motion as well as based on combat changes, a central characteristic of The Darkest Dungeon is the stress and anxiety level of each hero that increases with better exploration as well as battle; A personality that maintains a high stress degree can get afflictions that will make it challenging, or perhaps they will boost, the efficiency of it as an explorer. The game obtained positive doubters evaluations, acquired numerous elections to the prizes and also offered greater than two million duplicates. A follow-up was revealed in February 2019.

The first part of The Darkest Dungeon is, as the name suggests, very gloomy. Both the setting, and the whole optics have strong horror elements, even the actual gameplay is really lies in many places. From his direct successor The Darkest Dungeon 2 you can logically expect an increase, i.e. even gloomy and pants.

Contrary to all expectations, this assumption only partially applies. Although the atmosphere and the optics continue to tighten in comparison to the first part, the gameplay is even loosened in many places and expanded for interesting new ideas. How The Darkest Dungeon 2 suggests exactly and above all compared to the first part you will now experience from us.

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Darkest What?

Let’s start quite simple. What is it about in The Darkest Dungeon 2? In Darkest Dungeon 2 you catch a group of four (more or less) courageous adventurers and drive with them in a coach through one of demons, monsters and bandits contaminated and devastated world.

The art style is particularly convincing in the part 2 new 3D environments. Source: PC Games This carriage represents directly one of the largest innovations compared to the first part. Instead of navigating you by card through the individual rooms of a dungeon, you drive with the carriage in a really nicely worked 3D environment actually around and gets Continue on your adventure.

In the first part, it is also the case that you have an existing game progress and only the individual dungeon visits are randomized. So your troupe and their equipment and upgrades remain from Dungeon to Dungeon, if they survive.

As a result, you would like to lose your entire team in an unfortunate situation and then have to invest a lot of time to recruit new people and train new people to try again.

Sure, this also makes the appeal of such a title. Constantly having to play with the idea, whether it is not smarter to withdraw, not to lose his valuable troop members, but is pretty extreme over time.

You can travel various areas with the carriage, all of which convince in your own way with a scary atmosphere. Source: PC Games This essential aspect of the first part has changed now. In Darkest Dungeon 2 is set to a rather classic Rogue-Like principle, that is, dead is dead, and you start completely from the front. Every attempt to explore a dungeon standing for yourself and there is no way to become more about several experiments. That sounds even more frustrating in the theory, but in practice it turns it as much more pleasant.

Always completed game runs (whether by victory or defeat) just make sense, as it is significantly less in the long run that individual characters or even the whole group on the way die. The frustration factor in a defeat is still given, which is also important for this game principle.

LA DOULEUR - Darkest Dungeon 2
However, the frustration feeling is much entertaining, because you do not have to invest so much time to bring his team back to the frontman, but just can start directly in the next attempt.

The fighting meet exactly into the black!

In the fighting, partly bizarre monstrosities are opposed to you. Source: PC Games Among the fighting, in contrast, does not try so much new. But it does not have to, because the battle system of the first part was already very strong. The enemies are in this case in classical round-based battles.

Each character comes with a set of skills from which you can choose your favorites for the fight. Over time, you can also upgrade them. There are more offensive or defensive skills, buffs and rebuffs, but also various damage-over-time effects, as knows it from all sorts of round-based games. The bike is not reinvented here, all genre typical elements are available and well implemented.

For this particularly important in The Darkest Dungeon: the position of each character in your lineup. In addition to deciding which characters you BITNET and what skills it provides them, you have to additionally consider where it positions them.

Some attacks can be carried out by certain positions and then make only certain positions in the ranks of the opponents. Here’s another level of tactics is in demand, as there are both in their own classes, and among the opponents, many skills confuse the lineup.

Fans of the first part will feel especially at home, because the combat system was largely taken over from the predecessor and only through new mechanisms, such as the nature of relationships, given a new focus. Speaking of relationships…


Even in the midst of a battle there can be bitchy conflicts of the characters. Source: PC Games The biggest USP of The Darkest Dungeon 2 is the fact that the characters can perform with each other Platonic and romantic relationships. But the exact opposite, that is to quarrel and mutual hatred, is possible.

All decisions you fall in battle or outside can encounter in the characters, either on appeal or trigger a conflict in the group. Depending on can then ensure that the characters closer to or getting worse with each other understand.

So characters can achieve certain relationship with each step as hate, respect or Love, then grant the various advantages and disadvantages. For much of the positive relationships are of course the ones you’re seeking, as they have almost exclusively positive impact in the fight.

The emphasis is on fast. Although the relationship status of love ensures the two fell characters that heal each other, buff and even protect against attacks, brings, but it is also the disadvantage of jealousy. Which can then prevent for example, that another team member, is healed or defending instead the respective partner. But who better than, say, hate or jealousy which only negative impact on the group in each case.

To keep the relationship at the highest possible level is essential to good progress in The Darkest Dungeon 2. Often it is worthwhile even on supplies or new pieces of equipment to dispense to make a decision, which has a positive effect on relations within the group.

The world is your battlefield

N When decisions are deposited with the affirmative characters yellow. Those that your choice are more averse to getting a light blue border. Source: PC Games just battles it comes again and again to other events, such as the encountering of desperate civilians, which then either help her or steal from can. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.
Rather heroic action can here often as a positive impact on relations, provides as opposed to a robbery but of course not, or at least fewer new items.

On your journey by coach you will, among other things also come across a military hospital where her heal you and your disease treated can. You will get to know the hoarders, which offers a wide selection of items for action. And of course you will also find a variety of treasures and upgrades.

Opponents can simply occur along the way. There are also special fortresses cultists-positions or any place where particularly strong / many enemies can be challenged to offer but then better loot.

A particularly notable place would be the watchtower. This appears once a field and revealed to you when you visit the complete map for the rest area. This is very advantageous because it is otherwise provided in many places with thick question mark.

The complexity comes then it, in all the various battles and events to assess the situation correctly, to make appropriate decisions and manage its resources logical. If we prefer to hoarders or deny you another fight? Is it worth more to visit the watchtower or is it actually necessary stop by at the hospital?

Darkest Dungeon 2 represents a here always difficult decisions that can make the current situation completely upside down.

The whole thing is that giving even more exciting by the fact, in most branches, the characters in the coach their preferred route known. So the injured party member will naturally tend to the hospital, the rested and battle-hungry warriors whereas naturally prefer another battle would deny.