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2022 Hangzhou Asian Games’s e-sports events, the outline of the outline of the outline of the national representative and schedule was revealed. The tournament is officially carried out to suit the regulation of the Gymnasium in 2018, unlike the Gakarta-Palembang Asian Games.

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The Korea E-Sports Association announced on the 25th, the ‘2021 Road Te Asian Games’ announced on the Hall of E-Sports Hall, announced a plan for the Korean E-Sports National Representative. First, the performance enhancement committee is constituted by the National Representative Certificate of National Certificate. The committee consists of a subcommittee and a static committee for each item. In the upper manager, the athlete and leader selection process are generated and managed, managed, and managing athletes support and operations. The subcommittee discusses the manner of the athlete and leader, and establishes a training plan, athlete, and leader selection in stock.

Leader selection is a principle of publication by stock. In addition, we will also adopt trainers in addition to the supervision and coaches in accordance with the regulation of the spectacular society. In accordance with the selection regulation, expertise, morality, leadership, and leadership, etc. are selected, and the subcommittee, and the interview interviews are selected after the submitter interview,

After the selection of the athlete, after a first-time senior, after the entity, the athlete convenes a subcommittee for the selection of the athletes, and proceeds separately for the selection method. The starting method is largely divided into the exhaustion and the selection, and it will be different depending on the nature of the stock. Kim Chul-kuk, Korea E-Sports Association, said, The discussion on whether to be ahead of the game, will be as follows. Candidate players are also the same.

After the national representative selection is completed, various support systems are operated for the athletic stage on the performance enhancement committee side. The national representative training center is also operated, including administrative assistance and administrative support for participation in Asian Games, and a national representative training center, as well as the opportunity for each other, It is scheduled to be configured to regularly trains by specifying a separate national call.

Leader Selection and Participation Included, and Size Confirmation are completed in December. Since next February, the national representative of the national presidential team will proceed, and from March to May, local qualifying for participating countries will be held. On May 31, next year, the final entry should be submitted. Secretary of Kim, Chub Hyung said, We will have to make the players to show the best performance through the dictionary consultation.

2022 Hangzhou Asian Games Details and schedules such as the national selection of the national representative selection are announced later.