FC Bayern Munich Lucas Hernandez and Tanguy Nianzou struck

The injury spoken of Bayern holds: At the victorious Champions League game in Kiev, Lucas Hernandez and Tanguy Piano had to hit the square.

Hernandez felt a pulling in the thigh just above the knee and therefore remained at the break for Bound Carr in the cabin, Trainer Julian Nagelsmann betrayed after the 2: 1 success: That’s a very stupid place. We did not want to risk anything.

Piano fell on the shoulder shortly before the end of the game and was replaced by Malik Tillman. Tanguy can not move his arm right anymore, said Nagelsmann. At Tanguy, it may be that the biceps tendon is, but I do not have the X-ray picture, even if I said Doctor Chicago to me. We have to wait.

Both defensive players should undergo tests after returning to Munich on Wednesday. For the Bundesliga duel with Armenia Bielefeld on Saturday (18.30 clock) Nagelsmann is likely to be available with the Day Upamecano locked in Kiev and the most recently in Corona quarantine Niklas Sure but again two central defenders.

The all-clear he gave at Leon Goretzka, who seemed to have injured in a rescue operation shortly before the end of the game: At Leon it is nothing dramatic.

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Nagelsmann had to give up nine professionals in Kiev and hopes to come back several of his stars soon. For the classic at followers Borussia Dortmund on December 4, we need the complete staff because Dortmund will demand us everything, he emphasized: We have to retrieve a top performance to win there. But now we have the home game against Bielefeld.