9 free games Amazon makes you gifts in December

Prime Gaming donated to you in December is 9 free games and a wealth of exclusive content for top games such as Battlefield 2042, New World and more. We show you how highlights you can look forward in the coming months you.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Frost Punk and more: In December you can with your Amazon Prime subscription nine dusting free games and keep forever. On top there’s also, as usual, numerous in-game content for popular games such as FIFA 22, Battlefield 2042 Genshin Impact and Amazon’s MMO New World.

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Secure 9 Free Games in December: Prime Gaming

With the selection of nine free games and various game items in December when Prime Gaming something for everyone with it. Of the full versions of the tricky strategy hits Frost Punk and sports simulation Football Manager 2021 to content for the brand-new shooter Battlefield 2042 — the offer at the end of worthwhile in any case.

Prime Gaming: Free Games in December 2021

Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit
Punk Frost
Savage Journey to the Planet
Football Manager 2021
Spell caster University
YouTubers Life
Stubby the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse
Tales of Monkey Iceland Complete Pack

Beyond Prime Gaming!

In addition to the free games available at Prime Gaming This month again numerous free items in popular games to dust. These are the exclusive content in December:

Prime Gaming: Exclusive content in December 2021

FIFA 22: 7x rare gold player, 12 rare consumables, 7 games Lend player C. Ronaldo
Apex Legends: Ash Prime Legend of the Month Bundle: Epic Legend’s skin, Rare Weapon skin, Rare Legend Portrait
League of Legends game Rift: Random Emote Chest
Genshin Impact: 60x Prisoners, 8x Hero’s Wit, 5x Bamboo Shoot Soup (from 24 November)
Battlefield 2042: Prime gaming bundle with a specialist skin, an arms-skin and a vehicle-skin (in early December)

New World: Autumn King Pack 2 (7 from December)

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Dead By Daylight: Exclusive rare outfit for The Artist (from 10 December)
World of Warships: 1x Santa’s Gift Container, 1x Santa’s Big Poison Container, 1x Santa’s Mega poison containers (from 19 December)

Go to the free games and content live in December, you can watch also the November offers grab. In our review we show you what games and items you now for a short time you can save.

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In December, Prime Gaming-members can look forward to a wide selection of free games, and other gifts: Total Amazon donated nine free games, including Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and content for such hits as New World, Battlefield 2042 and FIFA 22nd