Gesta 2021 Gustas notched jewelry Bic Booth 2

Lisas Susan Inn Disconnect (BIC) showcase booth was written Hidden Jewelry.

The first is because the expression of the hidden jewel was too grown, and the second is because they were communicating with the audience directly, and the third showed that the exhibited works were interesting and hidden in one. So I decided to call I do not breathe.

I will deliver the BIC showcase in two days.

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The BIC met Booth TIG

Susan content Booth Academy was created to gather a portfolio of student work from the Academy to prepare for the games industry to the public. Was to participate in the G-Star for the motivation of the Academy Susan content yiseongah exaggeration students, she said that the publics selected works fine collection of the applicant.

A unique concept which attracted the audiences attention is a game made in the sense that people experience to try once bustling Seoul jiokcheol (?). Is a simple game where you have to take the subway down from the target station is not an easy one is down in the cold underground filled with passengers.

Ginseng developers of Oh Moran has explained that according to the actual reality to the subway voice. However, the NPC also interfere so loud they can not hear the voice guidance, and even sometimes to guide you through the wrong door in the subway billboard.

is a game developed for three people three days and two nights in the competition game jam that participants develop a video game quickly. Through BICm online it will disclose soon. All paintings of characters attached to the booth walls are called picture booth gave participants drawn.

is a game that collects various materials in combination with alchemy. The protagonist is suddenly starting to stand alone as a Raft. Anglo studio, it was made to 1 of the development of bakjeongseo representatives.

Bakjeongseo representatives like the classic games such as or has announced that it started to develop. was created using RPG Maker tool, it is now officially released via Steam.

is a point and click adventure game. To adventure you can experience the story of the distance between the protagonists Evelyn, and helpers Eva and Loco on an uncharted island, there are a variety of mini-games implemented in the game, such as Shadow Games.

You indie development studio is a team of nine people. According to gimhyemin programmer it has been developedm about a year. Has been released today on Steam Early Access to the form, you can experience the content is about half the amount of this title. You Studio is dedicated to developing the market for in December officially.

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is a puzzle platformer game. According to the developers projects Unknown haetneundeyo advocating the Camera action platformer. Cat shooting games within a certain object with the camera above your head and going to solve the puzzle put them on the screen game.

Unknown project consists of a total of 3, was developed over a period of more than three years. Ideas description is the first game I trial and error were in the planning, did not hear the site is MMU Korea Awards 2019, Taipei Game Show Indie Awards, GDP Independent Game Awards, including a number of indie games event It has been awarded in.

The full version is currently sold via Steam firing stove, switch versionm also plans to launch in 2022 through the port companies.

There was real attention to get the DJ equipment directly straps games. is a game I was made to learn the game while DJing. Comintern representatives of Cat by the studio has announced that it has developed, so minutes are interested in DJing can jjikmeok. Comintern actually represents is the equipment that was used when I was working as a DJ before the game development, equipment on display at the G-Star also corona 19 prior to the event.

has developed five people developed about three years, the two men began planning the development to date support. He explained that has been released to the Android and IOS, committed to gadadeumgi the game after launch.

It was also familiar with the game on the eyes. Released in 19 it out prior to December 20 Steam has also participated in the G-Star. is the log-like deck building turn-based strategy developed by the Korea Independent teams alpine, and of maintaining the rating very positive from the 2992 assessment of users on Steam.

Alpine yihyeongju representative has explained, I can only online because of the recent events Corona, waiting for the offline events, was waiting. Finish blossomed was an opportunity to participate in this G-Star. And he said, We will work hard to update the official release until next summer.