Pok mon Diamond Pearl on Switch Second Best Start of Year in Physics Besses

The sparkling diamond / sparkling pearl duo has not failed its appointment in the United Kingdom, such as Games industry.biz relief based on the latest Chart-Track data in its possession. The remakes of the two episodes DS on Switch occupy the first two places in the ranking, realizing in cumulate the second-largest launch in the physics of the year over the handle, behind FIFA 22 but in front of Call of Duty: Vanguard, in the back performance this season.

The new Pokémon relegates away Super Mario 3D World + Bowlers Fury on the list of the best Switch launches of the year. Only alone, sparkling diamond achieved a number of sales sufficient to hoist quietly on the first step of the podium; The double pack bringing together the two games slips even ninth place for the best weekly sales. This is not enough to tailor the dazzling start of Pokémon sword / shield two years ago, since sales in physics are down 26% since the advent of the eighth generation, but the figures are up 13% by Report to both episodes Lets Go, Pikachu / Lets Go, Alveoli published them in 2018.

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In third position, we find the Battlefield 2042 of Electronic Arts, whose sales are down 59% compared to the launch of Battlefield V in 2018 — which can also testify to a profound transformation of the market, and in particular on The niche of the multiplayer FPS, in favor of the dematerialized, the data presented here is limited for the moment to the physical. On the distribution of platforms, the PS5 alone represents half of the sales, PS4 and Xbox One sharing respectively 20% and 17% of the market. Xbox Series X | S represent the remaining 13%.

Leader last week, despite 40% of 40% physical sales from one year on the other, Call of Duty: Vanguard slipped into fourth position, with sales down 37% in the space of a week. The early launch of the Black Friday sales several days before the fateful date benefits Ubisoft, who benefited from aggressive promotions to see the Games of CPU Rank: Far Cry 6 has won three places and hoisted at the eighth place after an increase in sales of 180%, Just Dance 2022 scraped five places and hoisted in tenth position after a sales peak of 232%, while Riders Republic occupies the fourteenth place after an increase in sales of 169 %. Even the Semite Assassins Creed Valhalla reappeared a year after its launch in the ranking of physical games, after a sales leap of 462% which place 15th on the list.