Premier League Furioses Liverpool finished Arsenals run

With a victory, the Gunners could have overtaken the LFC, with correspondingly broad breast, the capitals (eight victories, two draws, no defeat since the beginning of September) also occurred in Anfield. Nevertheless, the homeowners increasingly took over the game control after the initial phase.

Arsenal reached FORTRAN mainly over counters, after such a blocked ox lade chamberlain Aka on the differ (17th). Despite sometimes 70 percent ball possession, the Reds had a big board to drill a big board, after a scarce half hour, Thiago and Mane booked together the first good chance (29th).

Kl opp and Art eta advised against each other

The Senegalese was then that, after the coach Kl opp and Art eta were joined together at the sideline, the first hit shot: Alexander-Arnolds sharp free-kick sharpened Mane in the long corner (39.). Rams dale, who had previously placed against Salah (35th) and Alexander-Arnold (37th), was beaten. The leadership of the Reds was certainly earned at exactly this height.

Also, a second time started the Art eta eleven after the break appealing, again the LFC gained the upper hand quite fast. The guests became a courageous, but not faultless game build-up. Strongly pressing Reds cried numerous high ball gains and contrasts, the master of 2020 became clearly determining team.

A hair-captive bad pass ensures preliminary decision

The same was the 2-0: Tavares played a hair-raising mistake after a ball gain, the ball came in the Gunners penalty area to Iota. The Portuguese curved the naively speculating Gabriel and Rams dale and pushed the leather into the orphaned gate (52.). In parallel, Liverpool held his opponent away from his own goal, first Aubameyang knocked on again (65.).

Liverpool demolish Arsenal at Anfield! | Liverpool 4-0 Arsenal | Premier League Highlights

In the second section it was a class difference, a power demonstration of the LFC. The Attack of the Reds turned particularly to counteracts: Iota failed to rams dale (68), Salah (73.) and the substitute Min amino (77th) completed wonderfully outlined attacks. The cannon was also no honor hit, Alisson had to intervene only against Thomas long-term shot again (75.).

Despite the expression, the Gunners rank defend five, the Reds hold in front of the Champions League week at four points behind the leader Chelsea.