PS plus December 2021 Maybe the first game is already

Sony enriches the PS Plus subscription every month with bonus games that you can keep without additional costs. Therefore, the announcements of the monthly lineup with tension are expected and hotly discussed after notification. Even a veritable tradition has developed to advise the games. Now there could be clues to the first title that counts to the lineup of PS Plus games in December 2021.

PS Plus in December 2021: Heavenly Bodies could be the first bonus game

Therefore: Who wants to play online on PS4 and PS5, does not come around a paid PS plus subscription. But at least you will also receive some selected games every month, for whom you do not have to pay extra. All information about PS Plus can be found here in our Gamer overview:

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PS plus December 2021: Actually, the games of the PS plus-lineup are expected to be revealed only in two weeks. So far, there are no leaks that often appear in advance in the past. But maybe we still know which game could be of the game. This is due to some indications that allow appropriate conclusions.

Heavenly Bodies could be the first PS plus game in December 2021. That says at least one fan theory because the PS plus games are usually released on the first Tuesday of the month. That would be the next month of December 7th. At exactly the same day, the PS4 and PS5 exclusive HEAVENLY BODIES should be published.

Random? Of course, that does not mean, but could be the case. In the past, it has often happened that Sony has offered smaller exclusive titles directly to the Release as PS Plus-Driving. That was always the case with playing the case, the Sony has also marketed with, whether only on the PlayStation Blog or in a state of play. Everything applies to Heavenly Bodies anyway.

What is Heavenly Bodies? In Heavenly Bodies you have to find out in weightlessness, which of course is anything but easy. With the help of your hands, arms and legs you can move through space stations and have to master various physics challenges. This works in the coop.

Heavenly Bodies also appears completely independent of PS plus and whether the game will probably be included in the subscription or not, on 7 December. The title comes exclusively for PS4, PS5 and the PC on the market.

How do your HEAVENLY BODIES? Do you think that it could be a PS plus game?