Delivery from 21 00 today What is the difficulty to arrange memories in a contemporary style The person in charge of the way of thinking and method in FF pixel remaster

Square Enix is ​​delivered from the official YouTube channel from 21:00 on Wednesday, November 17 (Wednesday), WEB Video Content.

This program is MC, and the voice actor is MC, and the creator involved in the title of Square Enix is ​​a guest of the episode of the development process.

This time, Mr. Midas Miasma, who was in charge of music arrangement in Final Fantasy Pixel Li master, is guest. In addition to talking about the difficulty of arranging the works completed in memories in a contemporary style, the idea and method, FFV Big Bridge s Death and FFI Reorganized Themes FFI Red Wing We are pursuing while listening to music on the production tool.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD [Part 7] 07/27/2021

◆ Functional FF Music Arrangement with Completed Past With that difficulty

■ Performer

MC: Anyone (Voice actor)

Interview: Midas Sent (Sound Director)

◆ Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

■ Final Fantasy, 6 works of the baby with the ultimate 2D remaster era are here

Series Home Regression! Pixel Li master with a Final Fantasy of the creation period. Complete remastering six stories depicting magnificent adventure. The FF of the 2D era appears more beautiful and more likely to play.