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Microsoft is currently in a good position with its gaming console — the game pass is almost just as important as a brand as Xbox itself. But almost it would not have come, because the subscription service started with a completely different concept.

Game Pass would be almost a rental for games

In an interview with GQ for the 20th anniversary celebration of the Xbox Phil Spencer gives us an insight into the emergence of the Game Pass. Under the working title Arches the service was planned as a video game rental. But what the film showed makes sense would not work so easily with Games. This insight also came to Microsoft, as streaming services such as Netflix came to the plan and revolutionized the entertainment market.

AGO instead of hiring: In addition to developments in other branches of the digital entertainment industry, it was also a rethinking on the game market, which made the Game Pass a subscription model and deleted the rental idea became. This also explains Sarah Bond, boss of the gaming ecosystem at Microsoft:

Approximately 75 percent of sales were made at Games in the first two months after the release. Nowadays, this expands over a period of two years.

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Microsoft was initially smiled: At the beginning of the planning phase, no one did not want to know about the subscription concept outside of Microsoft, according to Bond. Again and again it was said that the Game Pass will devise games. The team had to experiment with old titles to collect the necessary data, with which other publishers and developer teams could be convinced.

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Game passport successfully like never

Meanwhile, great Publisher deals with Microsoft are also involved in relating their titles to the launch in the Game Pass. Concrete numbers do not call Microsoft, but the service should grow rapidly. And not only that — even initial fears obviously face themselves as unnecessary. Allegedly, members of the Game Pass give about 50 percent more money on the Xbox than anyone else.

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