Quiet you are already working on patches for GTA The Trilogy

We live at a time when the games receive patches and updates constantly, so it is not surprising that GTA: The Trilogy also go to receive a few. This collection is now available digitally, but did not exempt from errors. The good news is that its authors are already working on solutions.

Grove Street Games, developers of these remasters, revealed that they were already working on patches to solve the multiple problems that these three games have. Via Twitter, CEO of the studio, Thomas Williamson, said the following:

GTA TRILOGY PC - GTA 3 (ремастер конечно)

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It s very fun to see the players out there enjoying what we prepare. Honestly I am enjoying this essential level of scrutiny in our study. Today we are celebrating the monumental launch of the project, while we also work on updates.

Although we understand that these games have not come out in a perfect condition, there are several mistakes that definitely should not be present in trilogy, such as spelling errors caused by the escalation of AI, or the terrible thing that rain.

Editor s note: Well, it is definitely sad to know that this collection did not debut in the best possible condition. The Hype that there was for her definitely ended up damaging her, but let s hope that her developers can fix all this as soon as possible.