Seaside adventure in Mara Out in June

It turns out that the comfort of comforting games next year begins very soon. Summer in Mara from Chi big Studio will be released on Steam and Nintendo Switch on June 16th. Better yet, the prologue is available on Steam right now! It will also happen to the switch very soon, but who has this kind of time?

You will play as a child named Goa, whose exploits on the island will save, hopefully, his house of certain entanglement corporate. You know, aggressive real estate development, the bulldozer, things of this nature. It s less eating rich and more… remember them? So, you and your friends and family can continue your peaceful life together.

Summer in Mara #23 - Endlich die Heilige Ananas

The world of Goa is especially delicious, full of immaculate beaches, causal crops, high secondary missions and perhaps pirates. Which are probably less evil than Elite, the suzerains of the companies that operate. The focus is on the development and interaction of the characters, which means that your meetings with the different inhabitants of the island will be memorable. Although the demo is only available on Steam, the game arrives at both systems on June 16, 2020. You can check the trailer below if you are looking for a real gameplay. There is even a hint of fantasy involved!