Mountain hut life is with murderer Norway stage people Survival Killer in the Cabin STEAM Early Access Start

Games People Play has delivered the Survival Killer in the Cabin for Steam for STEAM.

This work is the purpose of survivors who have distressed in the mountains in a bus accident cooperate and survival until rescue arrival. In order to survive, you have to collect resources, prepare water and meals, and take various work such as keeping warm.

However, among survivors, one murderer is confined. The murderer mixes the food and shifts the sleeping player, interfering with the work, and it will reduce the survivors by various means.

Players can start voting for players who sometimes thought during the game. A player who has received more than half dies, but it will not be revealed whether the person who nominated until the end of the game session was really a survivor. Up to eight games can participate up to 8 people, and one gameplay seems to end in about 15 minutes. In addition, a microphone is required for play of this work.

Early access is planned for about 6 months, and all basic plays are possible in the current version. Product version release will continue to improve based on feedback from the player, and it is appropriate to increase the way of murder for surviving tasks and murderers.

Killer in the Cabin is currently being delivered with early access. A special promotion that is 10% off until November 19 is also underway.

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