Rainbow Six Extraction appears in January

Just over two months you still have to be patient until Rainbow Six Extraction appears after a long wait.

Buddy Pass, New Lower Price, and Special Offers | Rainbow Six Extraction
Actually, Rainbow Six Extraction should have appeared at the end of this year. No, stop! Actually, the title (which was the original name Rainbow Six Quarantine was and was changed for the pandemic) even 2020 to market. But due to internal changes and this plague called Corona, the release has slowly delayed and was last moved to early 2022 again. But now a fixed date is fixed.

On January 20, 2022, the hunt is opened on people infected by an aliens parasite. This has recently announced Ubisoft. Rainbow Six Extraction then appears for the PC as well as the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. Likewise, there is a version for Google Stadia and if your subscriber of Ubisoft + you can also gamble by Amazon Luna.

Rainbow Six Extraction goes to the start with a buddy-pass system. Anyone who buys the game can invite up to two friends on each platform to match them (cross-play and cross-progression). You can then download a trial version and have access to all contents of the full version except post-launch features, the Maelstrom protocol and the in-game shops for 14 days. Buy Rainbow Six Extraction after the test phase, take over your achieved progress.

From now on you can pre-order the title and then obtains as a bonus the Orbital Decay cosmetics bundle. There is also a deluxe edition that contains three more LCS with cosmetic items. Players of Rainbow Six victories that recover Extraction also get an exclusive bundle with four equipment sets that split into both games, and you will receive instant access to all 18 operators in Extraction.