LOL The new fashionable rune among the professionals who went unnoticed for years

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League of Legends Receive changes constantly, and it is not so usual that it evolves on its own or there is a discovery that alters the way we play, but there are times these kinds of situations are given. The last one has had with predator, the key rune of the domination branch. Introduced into the game when the system was changed in 2018, I had only found uses for very specific champions until just a few weeks ago.

a rune that professionals put fashionable

The atypical selection of Shoemaker in the game before Mad Lions corresponding to the quarterfinals of the Worlds 2021 is responsible for changing this situation. According to the words of one of his teammates, the Korean considered that European players were weak during the line phase and that he would not suffer too much, something that would allow him to take advantage of the potential of hunted and persecution of this rune in the late game without passing Many troubles.

What perhaps did not expect DWG Kia s player is that after he started using it has been popularized. Players of different positions that use characters that may not find great accommodation in the rest of the key elections now bet on the predator. A habit that begins to be noted in League of Legends, both in the classification items of higher ranges and in the competitions that are currently being disputed.

It is still not very clear what are the best League of Legends champions to use this rune, although its use has been extending and there are more and more candidates. The speed of movement has been repeatedly demonstrated as one of the statistics with a greater repercussion on the victory rate, and it seems that this is a new proof that this improvement can catapult the probability of triumph of a given champion.