After S les Corona case Quartet around Kimmich has to leave

See was flown with eight other players in the DFB district to Wolfsburg. As DFB Director Oliver Bailiff announced on Tuesday, in addition to See a quartet of this tour group had to leave to go in quarantine. The players are driven home individually.

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Joshua Kimmich - Elegance in Simplicity

These are association information around the three Bavaria professionals Joshua Gimmick, Serge Gnabry and Jamal Musial and Salzburg s Youngster Karim Adam.

The other four fellow travelers — not named by DFB — were allowed to remain in the district of the national team. There, according to Bailiff, you will receive a special care, so must be located about isolated at a table and are regularly tested.

Whether the separation of the two quartets so that the one group is possibly vaccinated, but the other did not, wanted team doctor Prof. Dr. med. Tim Meyer not confirm. In principle, health insurance offices would take into account the vaccine status, intensity and duration of the contact in such decisions.