Gameville Temporary shareholder convened Change the Com2us Holdings mission

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[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] Gatesville (militant) disclosed a 9-day convening of the Temporary shareholder General Assembly on November 30, which came to change between Korean and English.

Gatesville plans to change the Korean mutual Com2us Holdings to Com2us Holdings, respectively. Major subsidiaries and overseas branches are also mutually renamed by Com2us Platform, Com2us Plus, Com2us USA, and Com2u and the like.

If the agenda of the Constitutional Constitution, the new mission is finally confirmed, and the change of the modifications will take effect after the decision.

The real business-based Gatesville is achieving the main affiliates and synergies, and is also responsible for new businesses. In recent years, we have been building partnerships and values ​​in the market, including blockchain, such as blockchain, while investing in global companies leading the blockchain industry through major affiliates.

The Annual General Meeting: a key moment in the relationship with shareholders

The organizational structure is also effectively changing to the new business promotion of the blockchain, and cooperates with major affiliates to have a blockchain based on a blockchain based on a comprehensive content and platform company. It is a plan to create an ecosystem that is a unique global block, which is a compatibility with the Com2us brand.

Meanwhile, Gatesville has been investing in co-sources, a domestic virtual asset exchange, and has established a cooperation relationship as a two shareholder, and focuses on developing a blockchain technology-based games and NFT exchange development.