Wow Patch 9 1 5 makes the farm of the rapignant in K nigsruh easier

Anyone who wanted to cast the Old BFA Dungeon s Old BFA Dungeon before the release of Wow Patch 9.1.5 in order to secure the Mount Mummified Raptor Skull at King Dakar, first had to pass on the second Bosses Chiba of the balsam er. What simply sounds simple — after all, the Royal Ru his an instance from the previous extension Battle for Zeroth — turns out to be a real challenge for closer inspection, because the fight against Chiba contains a DPS check. There are inadequately equipped characters the teeth — so far anyway.

Important boss ability falls away

Because the WoW developers have adapted the fight against CHIBA with patch 9.1.5 a little. So far, the struggle went out that solo players had to kill the boss before he affects the ability to invest. This ability usually puts a random player from the group in one of the graves in the boss chamber, but who is on the road, is guaranteed to be hit by this skill and the fight is back. So who does not manage to kill Chiba before the work of reality, can not do the boss single-handedly.

But that s exactly what it has changed with patch 9.1.5: Chiba The balsamic no longer affects his ability to allow the associated DPS check that eliminates and let you know as much time in the fight against the boss. Your equipment thus plays so much role in your next farm rounds for the Raptor mount of Königsruh. Anyway, we ll keep your fingers crossed and wish you a lot of success in search of the mummified raptor skull.

Source: Towhead

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