Game loft closes its British studio and staff licensed

The mobile developer, Game loft, launched an unknown number of employees following the closure of his office in London. The company, founded in France in 1999, still has 18 other offices in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the American continent.

The closure of the Game loft Studio in the United Kingdom was announced LinkedIn by the General Manager John-Paul Burke. In her ticket, Burke said that the London Studio of Game loft had closed last week, adding: For me, who has been playing Game loft games since 2005, it was a dream job and I thank them for this opportunity. It gave me a fantastic platform and brought me into beautiful cities and I worked with the customers and the great colleagues.

Although Burke does not directly mention the layoffs, it mentions namely several executive staff members and finishes his statement by declaring: If you see a CV with Game loft UK on your desktop. You have my word, they are the best. He also mentions the great things that come to him, but does not specify whether he will change the position or leave the company. Prior to the dismissals, Game loft had 4,600 employees around the world, according to his website.

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In a follow-up statement reported by Gamasutragameloft specified the reason for the closure of the London studio: We adapt and redeploy our commercial network to reflect our priorities. So we decided to create the business poles and to rely on the regions. The most dynamic. Working on the British market from offices elsewhere in Europe, but the business volume it was doing was not enough to keep a local office.

With regard to workers who lost their jobs at closing, Game loft said, We work with all employees, on a case-by-case basis, in order to find the best way to manage their situation in accordance with local regulations. Of use. ’T Indicate how many workers have been dismissed or which positions.