Darkest Dungeon 2 Beginner Guide

Hello Feria Travelers. With The darker dungeon 2 finally available at Early Access at Epic Games Store, here in TechRaptor we have been getting into the game, discovering their secrets and understanding their dark and twisted mechanics. After spending time with the game, we have developed some good strategies for you to start. This is our beginners guide for the darker 2 dungeon.

The darkest dungeon 2 Guide for beginners: basic concepts

The first thing that will surprise you if you come from the first darker Mazmorra, the sequel is that the game looks more like a racing-based roguence than to a micrometer simulator this time. Every time you start the game, you will recruit four adventurers, you will get some randomly generated supplies and then try to see how far you can get with your carriage before all your adventurer group is annihilated. At the end of each race, your range of hope will increase as far as you have traveled, how many battles you won and how much treasure you obtained. As you increase your hope, new elements will be added more powerful to the booty group, which will give you a little more opportunity to fight in future executions.

First we will begin with the recruits. You will start the game with four characters. These are the man of arms, the road sausator, the thief of tombs and the doctor plague. The more you play The darker dungeon 2, the more characters you will unlock, which will give you more options.

But to begin with, you will want to recruit these four initial adventurers by clicking and moving their portraits to the four slots at the bottom of the screen. The man of weapons must go at the far right. This is the first row. The Man-at-Arms has armor and shield and is great as a dedicated tank. The road sausator and the tomb thief should occupy any of the two central spaces. Both have remote weapons that will be of great help by hitting distant or hidden enemies. Finally, place the doctor plague in the back row, represented by the slot more on the left. He has healing skills, as well as poisonous pumps, which is crucial in the darker dungeon 2.

In fact, pay attention to the roles that each character has while unlocking them and tries to keep them in their respective roles as much as possible. There is some room for maneuver. Dr. Plaga has an unpleasant cutting attack that inflicts the state of state of bleeding when he is closely, for example, but these are more acts of despair and novelty than a dedicated strategy.

GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS OF DARKEST DUNGEON 2 – Travel and Resource Management

As mentioned before, the darker dungeon 2 is more a road travel experience through a dark and depressing fantasy world. The original Oregon Trail if it was designed by HP Lovecraft, so to speak. As such, you will want every small advantage you can get in this game. Even the smallest addition to statistics and resources adds rapidly.

Darkest Dungeon 2 Early Access Getting Started Guide: Things I Wish I Knew Before I Played

That is, there are two main resources that should be taken into account in the long term. The first is the flame of the carriage of him. Very similar to the first mazorra, the lower the flame burns, the toughest enemies you will face. You can increase this flame through certain contextual actions, either gaining battles or giving supplies to hungry travelers in the meetings of the few desperate. For your first races, you will want to keep this as bright as possible.

The second general meter to take into account is the disgust. This is measured in the upper left corner of the screen. As you advance in the game, this bar will increase, giving continuous bonuses to all monster meetings with which you are. Pay attention when you reach the forks along the way, some meetings will indicate that victory will reduce the disgust. If you can, do it after the third area or so, it will help relieve pressure.

At the smallest end of things is the booty that you will pick up from the meetings. These will include resources, marked with color markers in the inventory of your car. You will need them to trade with several characters you will find on the road. Keep these victory booties as long as you can.

A more-term element to take into account are the elements of the inn. Posadas are basically control points between careers, a brief respite from the horrors you will have to endure. You can use these elements in your group members to give them even more bonuses and statistics improvements. These are not a priority as tall as the Victoria booty, but you want to use as many as you can once you get to a inn. Believe me, you ll need it.

The following are trinkets and combat items. At the time you get any of these, Equip your group with them. The trinkets are important as they will give your group benefits. Once again, something as simple as +2 at speed or 10% resistance to pest sounds less, but it can mean a big difference when you are in the center of it. Right click on the group member portrait at the bottom of the screen and you will open the menu. A left click on the icon of the bag in the corner will open your inventory. Click and drag the trinket you want and ready.

And while you are there, it equip some combat elements. These are a gift from heaven when you face more difficult battles. This is because, in addition to the four skills of your character, the use of the element appears as a fifth option. Using an article does not cost the turn of a character, which means that you can still attack while you get the benefits of the articles. With a combat that greatly favors the economy of action, you have nothing to lose and much to win when having these elements equipped.

Your bread and butter for combat items will include a healing ointment, which is just a health potion. Bandages cure a little less but eliminate the bleeding effect, something you want to stop immediately. Anti-poison does the same but eliminates the effect of pest status. Then you have powerful elements of a single use as smoke pumps, icor pumps and combat stimulants.


Combat in the darker dungeon 2 is quite complex under the surface. But if you need a trick sheet, it is based on shifts with an emphasis on the location and continuous persistent state effects. Almost all attacks or skills weaken or give some kind of state effect. More importantly, these skills accumulate. If you apply multiple bleeding effects, for example, the damage will increase.

Each group member has different attacks that can only be used in certain positions. In addition, each ability only has a certain range. If you want to hit that artillery enemy on the back, you ll have to use the right attack.

My personal strategy is to continue attacking the front line with the man of weapons and the highwayman while the grave Robber and the plague doctor splashes the row from behind with poison darts and pest pumps. Eventually, the poison will reach them or the assault will open step.

Of course, since it the darker dungeon 2 is a dark fantasy experience where the hope itself drowns in their bed, their adventurer will have to deal with stress. This is represented by a small meter of white squares under the health bars of it. As your trip continues, this will increase. This can happen through enemy attacks, get angry with other members of the group or for their interactions in the world.

When this bar reaches the maximum, and it is a matter of when not, this member of the group will suffer a collapse. This means that the health of it will be reduced to almost nothing, will suffer some disadvantages and increase the stress of all others. You will want to be attentive to this, especially if you are happening to your dedicated tank, and have some healing skills at hand.

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Darkest Dungeon 2 Beginners Guide: Locations of interest

Finally, we will finish this guide for beginners with some short note areas while traveling for the ruined world of the darker dungeon 2 so you know a little more than you should take into account.

Campaign Hospital

It is exactly what it seems. Going to a campaign hospital will allow you to exchanging booties to cure your group. Also, if you pay a little more, you can eliminate certain negative qualities (marked with blue text) to avoid interpersonal disputes.

Reflection Sanctuaries

They are abandoned chapels. Send one of the members of your group into the interior and you will learn a little more about your background history and unlock additional combat skills to use them. This will help you get more diversity of combat from members of your group.

The few desperate

These are traveling people. Talk to them using one of the members of your group and you can exchange some items with them for food, as well as an impulse to the flame of your carriage, or reprimand them and take their things.

Income of oblivion

These are difficult challenges filled with difficult enemies. Unless your group is well equipped and has decent health and little stress, it is better not to get into these challenges. You can choose to escape between fights in the glove, and for the early game I suggest doing two fights at most before escaping.

There is still a lot to explore and unravel the darker dungeon 2. If this guide did not cover some of your questions or concerns, we have more dedicated guides available below. However, if you need an introduction to what awaits you in this small and unpleasant game, now you have some notes on the cliff. Hold and remember that this game, like its predecessor, is not about winning, but about making the most of a bad situation. more The darker dungeon 2 guides General guides Character Guides