30 Vs 60 Vs 100 FPS Which frame rate should it be at least when playing

A frame rate with at least 30 images in the second are essential to provide a liquid and supple feel. But upstairs is even more: stable frame rates with 60 pictures or more in the seconds are at the latest with the introduction of PS5 and Xbox Series X have also become standard in the console area.

30 FPS vs. 60 FPS Gaming

And also frames of 100 fps or even more are no longer unthinkable on consoles, but are more and more common in the multiplayer area. As part of the Find Your Next Game: Hardware Edition Now we want to know about you: Which frame rate should it be at least when playing?

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Are you still enough for the standard, so 30 fps? Or are you so spoiled by higher framerates, that you can no longer? Power with our survey and writes us in the comments!

As part of the Fyng: Hardware Edition turns stable frame, gamestar.de and meinmmo.de from 1 to 7 November everything around the topic of hardware. All items can be found in our great review.