Kerk Sauer Are there where we belong

The hope that the 3-0 success in the cup against Düsseldorf could also mean initial ignition for the league was disappointed in Hanover on Saturday afternoon. For at the 1: 1 against never putting Saxons, which in the second half were even closer to victory than the 96s, Hanover presented himself at least in the second half again pretty bloodless.

We are all very disappointed. I think we re very well received in the game today, and goes deserves 1: 0 in the lead. In the first half hour we have to expand this lead and can actually make it clear. The injury of Julian Börner was then of course a neck strike. In the 45th minute we will then get the halftime whistle the 1: 1. That has thrown out the guys from the railway, which one has noticed, said coach Jan Zimmermann after the game, in the center-defendered borne already had to be exchanged after almost 20 minutes. It looks like a muscle injury, something more accurate can not tell me yet, says Zimmermann.

Must collide the ass jaws

The nerve costume seemed indeed struck after the restart. The rhythm of the first half hour was gone, offensively Hannover came to coordinated actions. We were not so clear in our game and had great problems to defend the long balls of the Auer, analyzed Zimmermann.

A little clear criticism exercised offensive actor Sebastian Kerk, who had introduced the 96s early in the lead: I do not find words for the second half. That was far too little. So you can definitely not occur. We can not see the situation. There are exactly where we belong to. These are twelve twelve points. Accordingly, we have to cross the ass jaws and get the ass up and finally enter points.


The next chance to end the negative series in the league, Kerk & Co. will have next Saturday (13.30 clock) when it comes to Düsseldorf within one and a half weeks for the second time, but this time abroad. Maybe yes a good omen.