FC Bayern Deadline Thursday Picture Attachment is approaching for Hern ndez

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A good two days before the expiry of the deadline for the imprisonment of Lucas Hernández, there was still no decision of the judiciary in Spain in Spain presented to the appeal entitled by Bayern-pro.

There is also no appointment, a judicial spokesman said on request from the German Press Agency in the late Tuesday afternoon in Madrid. If he did not succeed in succoring the opposition, the 25-year-old Frenchman must compete the six-month prison sentence due to domestic violence at the latest at midnight of Thursday.

Failure to April 2022 threatens

A suspensive effect has the ongoing appeal procedure at the Audiencia Provincial of Madrid – which corresponds in about a German district court – not to Spanish law. If the time comes, Hernández may force the prison sentence in a Spanish prison of its choice. The World Champion of the Year 2018 would probably fail after the end of April 2022.

Hernández is obtained from his past. The prison sentence was imposed by a criminal court in Madrid in 2019. Background is a scientific quarrel of the World Champion of 2018 with his former girlfriend and today s woman, who already occurred in February 2017 when the defense man still played for Atlético Madrid.

Both were convicted at the time because of domestic violence to charitable work and a six-month contact ban. Since they quickly reconciled, Hernández and his partner were traveling together during the six months. The problem: Professionally violated the approximation of prohibition – and was convicted. His today s wife came only because she had not yet been delivered the contact ban at the time of the trip to Las Vegas in the US state Nevada – Hernández already.

Failure penalties under two years are very often exposed to probation in Spain – but only if the condemned person has a completely white vest. Hernández is not a so-called first person. Against him, there are a total of two final convictions for domestic violence.