A Darkest Dungeon 2 is enough a day to conquer success and defeat thousands of players

In just one day Darkest Dungeon II has overcome the barrier of 100,000 games sold at Epic Games Store for joy of the team of Red Hook Studios, which has been enchanted with the great debut of his new rogueike In advance access. We are excited to announce that since the premiere, Darkest Dungeon has exceeded 100,000 units sold! They have written on social networks.

Our trip has not done more than start Red Hook Taking into account that this is not the final version of Darkest Dungeon 2, Red Hook warns: Our trip has only started. With its tenebrous ambience and new classes of character To control, the essence of this brutal shift RPG remains intact with respect to the original as evidenced by the first game data.

Darkest Dungeon - All Ancestor Narrations - All Darkest Dungeon Voice Overs.

In the first 16 hours of our assault on the mountain, the incredible number of 71,019 attempts has been made, of which only 3.403 achieved success. Keep the flames on !, Comment on social networks. It is clear, therefore, this new and cold spot promises to be as ruthless as the dark catacombs of the first Darkest Dungeon, which at the time was already worth the fans of the harder role. If you decide to take the jump to your dark fantasy world, do not hesitate to consult our directory Characters of Darkest Dungeon 2: Choose the best for you.

Inspired by the work of H.P. Lovecraft, in our analysis of the first Darkest Dungeon we tell you why this is one of those games that is worth trying yet despite being incredibly difficult and ruthless with the player. At the moment there is no definitive release date for the final version of your sequel that, for now, is only announced on PC with exclusive temporary in Epic Games Store.