So Tlou would look like a game of ps1

More than a remake, they are the demalates, versions that transform modern games into old titles, those who have caught the attention of the fans lately. This we already saw it with titles like bloodborne and cyberpunk 2077, and now it is the turn of the last of us to be part of this trend.

The Last of Us Part II - PS1 Edition

Recently, the user known as Rustic Games BR, published a video on its YouTube channel, where we can see how it would see The last of us, game that originally came to the PS3 in 2013, as a PlayStation title 1. This not only It means a change in your visual style, but your Gameplay also had to be modified.

As you could see, The Last of US now resembles Metal Gear Solid with viewed Top Down and the use of its weapons. Without a doubt, a change that not many expected, but who has had a great acceptance. On related topics, Joel and Ellie will be seen in the HBO Live Action series.

Editor s note:

The work of the Demakes is extremely interesting. In many cases it is not simply to make a title look as if it had come out on PS1, but you have to adapt a gameplay to a new style of play, something complicated, but with results that need to draw attention.

Via: Rustic Games BR