MMO which earned 15 billion dollars Dungeon Fighter Online received a new addition

Before you probably the most fashionable addition in the history of Dungeon Fighter online.

Season 6, ACT 20 (Ozma of Chaos) drops the ubiquitous darkness by introducing the following news:

1 . Ozma of Chaos – a very demanding rally for 12 players (players are divided into three groups, each of which has a different task for execution: at the end, however, the final boss waits, with whom we all have any more)

2 . New region with several new boards / instances

3 . Developing a story of story

4 . New high-level equipment

5 . NEO: Dark Knight and Neo: Creator – that is, improved versions of existing characters

Dungeon Fighter Online is still the best-earning MMO in the world. Despite its graphics and very advanced age, this is a hen bearing golden eggs for Nexon.

The total revenues of the game have already crossed… 15 billion dollars (data from August last year – now it is probably much more).

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