FC Bayern Spanish court announces Hern ndez

Lucas Hernández from FC Bayern does not have to compete his six-month prison sentence in Spain on Thursday.

The section 26 of the district court in Madrid has granted the object of the French football national player against the arrest warrant and canceled the enforcement of the judgment.

We believe that the appeal is to be granted and the imprisonment is repealed, said the court in a statement. The punishment was suspended for four years. In addition, the court spoke out a fine of 240 daily rates of 400 euros (96,000 euros) against the 25-year-olds.

Hernández had been sentenced to a six-month prison for a breach of an approximation and contact ban towards its current wife in December 2019. In the past week he had therefore appeared in Madrid in court in order to take the order of punishment.

Strife with girlfriend escalated

In February 2017, both the then pro by Atlético Madrid and his girlfriend had been sentenced to a dispute due to domestic violence on 31 days of charitable work. In addition, a contact ban was pronounced.

Hernández and his girlfriend reconciled after the dispute, however, and married a few months later. When returning from the honeymoon, the Frenchman was arrested due to the infringement of the remaining contact ban.

Judgment surprising

Lucas Hernández wins appeal, escapes prison time in Spain????????

In Spain, the fight against domestic violence is taken very seriously. The courts judge strictly and the media reports detailed, even when it comes to unknown persons. A ban on contact remains in Spain even if there has been a reconciliation so that no one can be used for such a reconciliation.

The new judgment is surprising. It had been mostly expected by experts that the appeal would be rejected. Among other things, because Hernández is not a so-called first-hereditary. Against him, there are a total of two final convictions for domestic violence.