The Last of Us So the adventure of Joel and Ellie would have looked at the Playstation 1

New, beautiful, better: yes, remakes are the last scream. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic gets one, the Sci-Fi-horror classic Dead Space and the Pokémon games have been back on for ages every few years.

It s also different from the fantastic demake of from Softwares Bloodborne. Youtuber Rustic Games BR, on the other hand, wanted to deal with Naughty Dogs The Last of Us (now buy € 82.65) and developed a PS1 demake of Joons and Ellies adventure.

The Last of Us times different: PS1-demake is based on Kojima

In the video description is The Last of Us – Kojima Edition to read and the comparison is not about. Because Rustic Games BR has been inspired by Metal Gear-Creator in his demake. Shown is the almost five-minute video the museum scene from The Last of Us, which, however, is primarily in the bird s eye view.

Joel and Ellie sneak through the corridors, turn unseen opponents and always try to stay in hidden, not to draw the attention of the other opponents. This helps a minimap in the upper corner of the screen, the fans probably recall directly to the Metal Gear-Schneichliches.

Sound effects like Silent Hill?

Kojima s influence is also felt in sound design. Namely, picking up an object creates a noise that directly springs from the horror franchise Silent Hill. Also otherwise the demake is a successful trip to the past and shows how new games would have worked much earlier, including grainy pixel graphics.

In contrast to the already mentioned Bloodborne-demake, the implementation of Rustic Games BR but is clearly loser to the original. The bird s eye view was not in this way in the The Last of Us, even if she certainly helped in some places to spy the nasty clickers from afar.

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Source: Rustic Games BR

From Jonas Höger
26.10.2021 at 19:30