Dragon Ball online Zenkai got a palaty dungeon and a better version of the PL

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Hey, I decided to write again about DBO Zenkai, due to the latest 12 update, which in addition to fixing many mistakes brought a Solo instance rework (Sky Dungeon), which since the retail version of the game (was on a Taiwan server only available for a limited time), no It has been made available / repaired by any other server.

It is much more difficult than in a retail version (has three levels of difficulty – easy, normal and difficult – this was also not in the retail version) and includes an original QUEST chain including repetitive tasks. A unique currency was added in the form of floppy disks containing FRIZERA army files (it can be obtained from both quests and from the instance), which can be replaced with a special NPC for titles changing the color of flight aura to yellow, blue, green, red and purple.

The update also brought the vulnerability of Polish translations: all statistics / effects of objects and skills, all available in the game titles, emoticons, the entire installation with objects, quests (Sky Dungeon in the Polish version is a palatable dungeon) and many more.

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Tare a few screenshots: