Darkest Dungeon 2 prepares for its imminent anticipated access with a trailer of its novelties

Last September, Red Hook Studios confirmed that Darkest Dungeon II will eventually arrive in anticipated access on October 26 and at exclusively for Epic Games Store . The first delivery of the franchise was one of the great surprises of the indie panorama, highlighting for its challenging dungeons , capable of plunging our characters in a horror that could not escape.

New elements have been introduced in 3D The RPG Title, could adopt the classic Lovecraftian terror , an affliction system that would change the way of acting from our characters after the stress suffered in the incursions, causing them to flee in battle, refuse to fight or become more neglected, in a game that knew how to shine and who conquered us with a unique personality and excellent execution.

Carriage trips are one of the news about this sequel Darkest Dungeon II was announced in 2019 and in Red Hook Studios already warned that although the combat system would be familiar to the original Darkest Dungeon players, they would introduce changes Significant both in its mechanics, and the metajame and its presentation. The new trailer has shown us its characters in action , as well as some of its most striking changes.

Darkest Dungeon II - Road of Ruin - Early Access Trailer

Although the title is still betting on the same style as for designs, animations and color palette, the introduction of 3D elements feel like a glove, and it has been seen in scenes like the novel Travel in Carriage , Something that fits with the new approach to Red Hook Studios, where unlike the first delivery, in Darkest Dungeon II, the action will be developed in different locations.