Com2us beauty NFT specialist Candy Digital Strategic Investment

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] Com2us (Representative Song Jae-joon, Lee) announced on the 22nd to conduct strategic investment in Candy Digital, a US Digital Collection, USA, based United States Digital Collection of Technology based on NFT (Representative Impossible Token) technology.

Com2us participates in the Candy Digital Series A for $ 10 million (about 12 billion won) in the investment. As a unique game-related investor, it is a policy to pursue business consultations on the digital collection as well as the field of digital collection, but also in the future.

Candy Digital is a major League Baseball (MLB) and National Football (NFL), North American Ice Hockey League (NHL), Major League Soccer (MLS), Galaxy Digital, a US company Panatics and Global Encryption Investor, which are securing licenses were established.

Candy Digital, which secures monopoly licenses for the NFT business of the world s largest professional baseball League-League Baseball (MLB), the Candy Digital is a player, league, team, stadium, award, as well as video and audio clips with highlights and historical moments. The fans are expanding the lineup while making the various contents of the enthusiasm as a token type digital asset.

Furthermore, based on block chain technology, Candy Digital s own NFT platform, which can easily trade digital collections, is also being prepared.

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Com2us is a plan to advance to the business of business sectors to the Candy Digital, and to the NFT-based digital collection, and to the NFT-based digital collection,

Com2us is scheduled to analyze a new global sports game market, which is introduced by NFT, based on expertise and know-how, which has been provided with official license-based sports games including MLB, KBO, and NBA, and to develop a new global sports game market.

We are looking for new services, such as developing new business models such as grafting digital player cards and games, and expanding sports-based NFT businesses, including Asia, including sports fans and consumers seeking new services to experience content through digital assets. I decided to leave.

Meanwhile, Com2us is a block chain, such as a strategic investment and research and development, which is implemented by a block chain, which is a key, which is a key, a block chain, which is being built through its own content values. It is a policy to further enhance.