1 FC Cologne Jannes Horn are the signs of hope

Horn is a single-member musical band (One-Man-Band) ambient black metal founded in Paderborn (Germany), in 2002. Since its inception it has been counted on the presence of a single member who calls itself Nerrath. The lyrics of this band are dedicated exclusively to the majesty of nature.

It is more than a comfort for each long-term injured, when the light illuminates at the end of the tunnel and the signals are hoping. Jannes Horn, since the summer outside, is so far to be able to make plans again. A hip operation forced him into the sick leave, first one wanted a conservative treatment – When it did not hit, I had to bite into the acidic apple and operate myself, says the left-back.

It followed weeks and months of rehab, the unloved construction training with power, stabilization and coordination exercises. Like a fish on the dry, there is a athlete and longing for the moment he can work on the core business. For horn, this moment is there. He is on the square, works with the team, though even with braked foam. The necessary fitness is missing, I have noticed that in the parts I could already complete with the team.

Next week, the entire team training waves

The current phase calls for patience. And that can hurt, but is usually less painful than impatience. Horn knows this: This week it s going to go that I m getting back in slowly. I will not participate in any exercise, but to participate in the training units. I go my return step by step and assume that I m in the next Week again the entire team training can participate.

At the latest then he may allow the dreams from the comeback. His goal he formulates clearly: As a footballer you always want to stand in the square. But as one who is just from a long injury break, one is first slowly introduced. It s important for me to collect my minutes, says Horn, who emphasizes that the left-back position is my favorite position. That since the beginning of the season Jonas Hector plays stable, he did not escape him either. But: He can theoretically be used in midfield. This decides the coach.

Baumgarts style is contrary to Horn

Horn pushes back to the activity, which will certainly become the brake in time. Load control is the magic word for one who could not do a competition for months. That he basically fits into the system of Steffen Baumgart, of which Horn is convinced: I think the tactical orientation comes to my strengths. I suggest good flanks and make many line runs very high, which I like very well , In the past season, we did not come so often in such situations because we have mostly stood deeper. Meanwhile we have other possibilities. We come much more often over the outer railways. We are the team with the most flanks

The next units will provide information about when Jannes Horn can intervene again. That he is needed in principle, is out of question. And was particularly clear in the game against Hoffenheim when Jonas Hector had to fit in the short term. In the absence of an alternative (and the ongoing form weakness of Top Talent Noah Katterbach) rear left, Kingsley Ehizibue – actually right-back – was used there. An emergency solution. Not more. And somehow a sign of hope for Jannes Horn.