CSGO Clutch Minister XYP9X will play 4 more years in Astralis

Sometimes, the best stews are elaborated in old pots. After having renewed Lukas ⁠ GLA1VE⁠ Rossander, Astralis decided to do the same with xyp9x . The latter can be 26 years old, but the level of him in Clutch is still impressive and he does not intend to retire soon. The Danish has been with Astralis since the team was founded in 2016, and it is expected that he remains there until the end of 2025 after this renovation for about 4 more years.

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XYP9X revealed that it had other proposals, without giving names of the teams interested in their services. But after thinking a little, he decided to stay with the Danes of the Red Star, with whom he won many titles and created a lot of moments for the memory. It is like the house of him and now that the contractual issues are resolved, he will be able to completely concentrate on his game and in the next key dates of the competitive calendars.

With Astralis, Danish has won the important amount of 4 majors between 2017 and 2019. While recent times have been a little less successful for the team, highlighting some outings and breaks to certain players for family and burnout matters, astralis follows Being one of the best teams on the planet.

Classifieds for the first Major to be held after two years because of the pandemic, the Danish template will seek to get a trophy that has been made too long. Stockholm is the city that will light this important event from next October 23, ending with the grand final on November 7.

And on that appointment, the Spanish team will be movistar riders. If you want to know the story of your historic classification, we recommend you go through the article-report that we did for the occasion.

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