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Die Douglas TBD Devastator (Verwüster) war ein einmotoriger trägergestützter Torpedobomber der US-Marine. Der Tiefdecker war das erste Ganzmetallflugzeug mit hydraulisch hochklappbaren Flügeln.

People Can Fly, the creative heads behind Outriders, revealed the game a few months ago. Even then, we could do the action game several hours and were right. Much recalled us on titles like Destiny 2 , Gears 5 or other shooter hits. In combination with the expertise of the studio, which is his spurs, etc. with Painkiller , Bulletstorm and Gears of War: Judgment , there was such a round package.

Outriders should be released this year and not only for PlayStation 4. The next generation also comes to enjoy the science fiction adventure. So that it is not boring until then, Publisher Square Enix and People Can Fly invited to another hands-on appointment. Due to the current corona crisis, we slipped a new section of the PC version via remote service via the streaming service parsec.

Return to Enoch

The said mission led us again on the planet Enoch. The Planet thought once as a colony is mutated due to the anomaly to a lifelong location, in which splinter groups ensure chaos and the violence rules. Outriders thus draws a bloody future vision, but the harsh setting fits awarded the Loot Shooter Ambitions.

The section tried by us several times plays shortly after the already presented entry of the adventure. Scene this time: the First City – or the First City . As the name suggests, this place should actually be the capital of the settlers. But the anomaly and various wars left only huge ruins. And so we strip past the approximately thirty-minute mission past a huge power plant and crashed spaceships. Our task here is to free the abducted scientist Zahedi.

My Truck is my Castle!

Already at the Reveal Event People Can Fly confirmed that we will have our own truck as the basis and means of transport during Outriders . Now we could at least catch a first look at the editor functions. We talk to the starting point with the good Jakub, we get into the modular options.

First of all, we optically adjust certain area: bonnet, front and rear bumper, radiator hood and even the hubcaps. In this way, we miss the martial-looking vehicle a one s own look. But if you want, of course you can also change the colors. As a result, your Outriderers vacuum makes optically happy times between Mad Max and Matchbox . In addition, we change the appearance of our banner, which we set up with storage points. Here we determine the shape of the flag, the color and the symbol.

And of course, there are also in Outriderers emotes for communication with the other players. So it is danced again, waved and gesturing. New components will switch your u.A. over your own game progress and the completion of story missions.

The floor quits

In the preview version, three of the total four classes were playable. We tried at the devastator – the tank in the round. Each class has eight skills, of which we can equip a maximum of three at the same time and activate over the shoulder keys. The decay times are in Outriders emphasized briefly so that their talents can also use and combine with each other.

Devastator For example, we will send our opponents, for example, with shockwaves in the realm of dreams or rise to heaven, only to attack like a meteor. The talents joins an opulent skill tree with whom your character can also sharpen your character in the long run.

While you unlock the talent quite quickly, it s ultimately the skills that decide in which direction your character is in the long run. The first skills strengthen about health and certain basic values, but later you can improve talent groups – such as the seismic attacks of the Devastator.

In contrast to the fiery Pyromancer and the agile trickster, the heavy devastator goes into the offensive. The Health System Behind Outrider supports the direct confrontation. As a Pyromancer, her life energy will receive when you ignite your opponent. As a devastator, however, you have to do as much damage as possible. Sounds too easy? Therefore, there is a total of 15 World Tiers – ie difficulty levels. Between them you can switch in the gameplay and thus adapt to your own claim.

New opponent types

Outriders is unbridled action. And just with the devastator we literally mow through the ranks. For example, if we sneer into an opponent group with the addressed meteorite attack, then the rogues split on the left and right of us. While the weapon feedback with shotguns, machine guns and pistols is also neat, the diverse and all times changeable talents ensure variety and a satisfactory combat feeling.

The game flow is first class and during our rambles through the mission we even discover optional side tasks. So we join an old warehouse, where we mount artifacts, which we will soon sell at Madame Beauvioour.

But a walk is outrider still not, which is also due to the nasty enemy types. At one point, for example, we get it with IronClad: This archaic fighter looks like a science fiction knight with heavy armor and also thick cannon. The cremator, on the other hand, attacks flame widths on short and mortar on a long distance.

In the coop with three players Outriders of course drives hit points and opponent masses high and also on the higher World Tier, it has the game neatly in itself. In all action, you still have to keep the overview and mainly use your talents.

The title comes in the pre-Christmas period for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X on the market. More about Outriders you will learn about our topic overview.

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