Dark fantasy blood and dismemberment in this new action rpg that is displayed on video

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The Asian Industry of Videogames Beyond Japan has stepped on the accelerator in recent years and we are increasingly receiving more interesting projects from countries such as China and South Korea . Korean studies have presented some very promising proposals lately, as Project Relic, an action game that reminded us of Sekiro s gameplay: Shadows Die Twice and the Souls.

On this occasion, also from Korea, this Project M arrives, an RPG of Action and Dark Fantasy that stands out for an impressive visual section and extreme rawness as to its violence , with explosive impacts that Do not skimp in blood or dismemberment. The game has been presented at the Unreal Summit Online 2021 event of South Korea.

an imposing visual section and a very expressive violence Apparently in the trailer, the title could prepare a sound-style gameplay by the position of the camera on some of the planes, however, when the action is developed, Remember more to titles hack n slash . The combat is impressive thanks to the many effects, such as the large amounts of land that jump with each hit of the boss, the parts of the enemy that explode in pieces with each attack and a lot of blood , that even stains the camera.

Hound 13 , The study that has carried out the game are responsible for Hundred Soul, an RPG for mobile devices that has enjoyed very positive criticism in both Google Play and the App Store. Project M is located in development for PC and consoles , although no more information has been given. Also of South Korea, last September we receive the new trailer of Project Eve, another promising Hack n Slash of Manganime Aesthetics that reminded us of Bayonetta and Nier: Automata.